Water Bottling Companies

May 22, 2010

Bottling companies are destroying the trout streams in Michigan by sucking out the ground water.  These tributaries to the Great Lakes replenish the Great Lakes water.  This practice is not sustainable since it destroys fisheries and ultimately, by shipping Great Lakes water out of the watershed, bottle by bottle, may destroy the Great Lakes if the practice spreads and continues.

The plastic water bottles create waste that does not break down.  These plastic bottles are not recycled except in certain states. Plastic water bottles should not be reused since they become toxic when used over and over.

I try to avoid plastic where possible since it does not break down and ends up in our waterways, oceans and landfills.  Remember the line from the film The Graduate: “The future is plastics.”  True.  Let’s say forever and ever. 

Instead of buying bottled water, we should be spending money on upgrading our wastewater treatment plants.  Water from the tap is often cleaner than bottled water.


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