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May 3, 2016

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Please read about the comeback of the American Bald Eagle in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes by Barbara Spring available on, and many other bookstores. Bald eagles were nearly wiped out until we took action in Grand Haven MI to ban DDT. We went to the city council meetings three years in a row until they were convinced of stopping the spraying of DDT to stop Dutch elm disease.  The pesticide was running into Lake Michigan and building up in food pyramids and the eagles’ eggs became too thin and never hatched. 
After DDT was banned in Grand Haven, Holland Michigan people came and we formed the Michigan Pesticides Council and met at MSU along with ornithologists, Ted Black and George Wallace along with other people such as John Kitchel, Joan Wolfe, Norm Spring (Wolfe and Spring were just named to the West Michigan Environmental Hall…

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Here is a clipping from 1985, the year some summer cottages fell into Lake Michigan.  Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are high again this year.  It is normal for the Great Lakes’ water levels to rise and fall.  Don’t buy real estate too close to the water.  It is powerful.scan0003

a critically accalimed non-fiction bookRead more about the Great Lakes in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes.  This

non-fiction book is available at,, the Bookman in Grand Haven and many other fine bookstores.




I took a walk in the wooded dunes near Lake Michigan and saw these wildflowers: Dutchman’s breeches and trout lily.  This is the time of year to see these blooms.

wild flowers

wild flowers

Four eggs are in the peregrine falcon’s nest in Grand Haven, MI atop the stack at the Board of Light and power

The BLP operates a webcam aimed at the nest box, and people can visit the camera website to watch the nest activity.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, peregrines are considered endangered in Michigan, though they are no longer on the federal endangered list.

During the 1960s, the peregrine falcon population declined sharply as the shells of peregrine falcon eggs became extremely fragile due to the prevalent use of the pesticide DDT. By 1968, the entire United States peregrine falcon population east of the Mississippi was gone.

Michigan began its peregrine recovery efforts in 1986, and by 2014 there were 47 nest sites in the state, and 23 of them produced young.

The peregrine falcon chicks usually hatch in May.

As reported in the Grand Haven Tribune.


falcon cam

Door Peninsula Wisconsin

April 21, 2016

white cedar on the Door PeninsulaLayers of limestone on the Door Peninsula, Wisconsin.  An arbor vitae clings to the stone on the shoreline of Lake Michigan.  Read more about the Great Lakes in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes.


A Necessary Book

April 16, 2016

Why I Wrote The Dynamic Great Lakes  Click the link for my background etc.

A critically acclaimed non-fiction book

map of Great Lakes

Freshwater seas.

Great Blue Heron

April 8, 2016

The wetlands are important for wildlife and for filtering pollution.  The great blue heron is part of the web of life found in and around the Great Lakes and especially the wetlands surrounding them.  Read more about wetlands and food webs in my book,

The Dynamic Great Lakes.   blue heron

The Dynamic Great Lakes Blog

We just saw an American Bald Eagle flying over Lake Michigan and it’s always a thrill to see this.

Years ago there were practically no eagles around the Great Lakes due to DDT. Their eggs would not hatch. After reading Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, Norm Spring and I worked to ban DDT in our community and then the state. It took a long time for DDT to purge out of the Great Lakes system, but now we rejoice every time we see an eagle fly. This environmental success story was the inspiration for me to write The Dynamic Great Lakes.
It may be ordered from, Barnes & Noble and the book may be found in many independent bookstores.

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Podcast: Great Lakes Book  click the link.

March 26, 27 go to my podcast on Bookmarkedradio.  I am interviewed by Kevin Collier about how I wrote The Dynamic Great Lakes.  I also read a few poems from my other books: Between Sweetwater and Sand, Sophia’s Lost and Found and The Wilderness Within.


DynamicGreatLakes-Independent_FullCover copy


NASA View of the 5 Great Lakes

map of Great Lakes

Freshwater seas.


Podcast: The Dynamic Great Lakes


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