Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie

December 12, 2009

  The heart shaped lake is Lake St. Clair and is not considered one of the Great Lakes although it is part of the Great Lakes water system.  It is connected to Lake Erie and the marshes in this area make it a very productive part of the Great Lakes–a nursery for fish, birds and insects.  Lake Erie is the shallowest of the five Great Lakes and it is a warm water fishery.  Read more about the Great Lakes system in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes.  a critically acclaimed non-fiction book


2 Responses to “Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie”

  1. Kudos for creating such a terrific portal. Your website happens to be not only informative but also very inventive too. We come across a limited number of experts who can write technical articles that creatively. I keep looking for knowledge on this topic. We ourselves have gone through dozens of blogs to build up on knowledge with respect to this.Keep posting !!

    • bjspring said

      Thanks for the feedback. I try to make my blogs understandable for the general public and I wrote my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes for the general public. I believe the knowledge needs to be accessible to all.

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