Salmon in Lake Michigan

September 6, 2015

Brooks' big catch

Pacific Salmon

Right now Pacific salmon are being caught in Lake Michigan.  These anadromous fish, fish that run upstream to spawn and then return to large bodies of water, are not native to the Great Lakes fresh water.  They were planted to the delight of people who like to fish.  King or Chinook salmon and coho salmon are being caught this time of year.

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Chinook or King Salmon

August 4, 2015

Brooks' big catch

Brooks’ big catch

Chinook Salmon caught in Lake Michigan August 2015. Brooks Wheeler holds up his big catch. Chinook salmon, also called king salmon were planted in the Great Lakes. They run up streams to spawn and then go back into the Pacific Ocean, but in this case, to Lake Michigan since they are not native to the Great Lakes.

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King Salmon
Salmon such as the one pictured have been planted in all of the Great Lakes. This particular king salmon was caught in Lake Michigan.
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