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oil pipelines under the straits click the link


munch The Scream

Aging pipelines could break and oil pollute Lake Michigan and Lake Huron: fish, birds all living things.

Mac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge over the straits of Mackinac.  Under the bridge flows oil through very old pipelines.


The Lake Michigan lakeshore is starting to freeze and there is lots of snow in West Michigan. The whitefish are running but the Grand Heven pier where fishermen like to catch them is treacherous with ice. A fisherman slipped into the water recently and his body washed up on shore north of the pier. There is a railing along the Grand River approaching the pier where it is safer to stand. It is not necessary to venture out so far on the pier. Please be careful.

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The Dynamic Great Lakes

Freshwater seas.

Freshwater seas.

Review of the Dynamic Great Lakes

Fish in the Great Lakes

July 20, 2012

According to Sea Grant, numbers of fish the Great Lakes:


Lake Superior species of fish 83


Lake Michigan identified species of fish 136


Lake Huron species of fish 117


Lake Erie species of fish 129


Lake Ontario species of fish 119


To learn more about fish and fishing in the Great Lakes, read The Dynamic Great Lakes.


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The Dynamic Great Lakes

December 14, 2011

A Critically Acclaimed non-fiction book about the five Great Lakes

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Sophia's Lost and Found by Barbara Spring

Whitefish Run December

They speed upstream to spawn after dark
slick as ice and pearly white:
whitefish from Lake Michigan’s depths
torpedo home.
With sure instincts
with DNA of generations
with chartreuse eggs; with white milt
their sleek white shapes streak
through dark river waters
now starting to freeze.
It’s been this way in the Great Lakes
since Edenic times
when Ice Age glaciers melted away.
And now in this coldest December
anyone alive can remember
fishermen risk a walk the piers
wear cleats on their boots
tie themselves to something solid.
They jig rigged lines on the river bottom
and sometimes land a sleek, slick, delicious fish
while west winds howl.

Excerpted from Sophia’s Lost and Found: Poems of Above and Below.

This book is available from, Barnes & Noble and many other fine bookstores.