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Below my painting of a tern and a map of the Great Lakes system.


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The Lake Michigan lakeshore is starting to freeze and there is lots of snow in West Michigan. The whitefish are running but the Grand Heven pier where fishermen like to catch them is treacherous with ice. A fisherman slipped into the water recently and his body washed up on shore north of the pier. There is a railing along the Grand River approaching the pier where it is safer to stand. It is not necessary to venture out so far on the pier. Please be careful.

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A dappled and rosy steelhead

Last night we had steelhead for dinner.  It was just caught in a cold tributary to Lake Michigan. A steelhead is a large strain of rainbow trout that ascends rivers from the Great Lakes to spawn.  Such fish are called anadromous.  Its skin was bright red and steely; its flesh salmon color.  Delicious.  I baked it in a little olive oil and some seasonings.  The trick is not to over cook.  It’s done when the flesh just begins to flake when poked with a fork.

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The Dynamic Great Lakes

December 14, 2011

A Critically Acclaimed non-fiction book about the five Great Lakes

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Food Webs in Lake Michigan

October 12, 2011

Here is a picture from Seagrant showing the food webs. Last year alewives were scarce and so fishing for salmon was so so. This year the alewives recovered and large salmon are being caught.

Lake Michigan salmon and trout

September 16, 2011

The river smells of fish and sometimes the small silvery alewives will jump out of the water when they are being pursued by Chinook salmon, coho salmon, brown trout or steelhead. It’s that time.

People have been catching salmon over twenty pounds this year and good size trout. They are being caught in the estuaries and tributaries to Lake Michigan.

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Fishing for Trout and Salmon

September 8, 2011

Well we didn’t get a keeper but it was a nice outing.

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Great Lakes Influences

June 7, 2011

I live on Lake Michigan and I have lived on Lake Huron. I have traveled to Lake Superior, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario where I watched a meteor shower while camping. All this freshwater has led me to write. I wrote a non fiction book, The Dynamic Great Lakes that is critically acclaimed. It shows how each lake has changed and changes. It is especially about what lies under water. These lakes are magnificent.

I have included many Great Lakes inspired poems in my books, The Wilderness Within and Sophia’s Lost and Found: Poems of Above and Below