Here is a clipping from 1985, the year some summer cottages fell into Lake Michigan.  Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are high again this year.  It is normal for the Great Lakes’ water levels to rise and fall.  Don’t buy real estate too close to the water.  It is powerful.scan0003

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I took a walk in the wooded dunes near Lake Michigan and saw these wildflowers: Dutchman’s breeches and trout lily.  This is the time of year to see these blooms.

wild flowers

wild flowers

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The Dynamic Great Lakes

December 14, 2011

A Critically Acclaimed non-fiction book about the five Great Lakes

The Dynamic Great Lakes is available in the new edition at Barnes & Noble online or in stores. It is also available at Schuler Books and Music, The Bookman, (paper and Kindle edition) and many other fine stores.

Fall is in the Air

October 24, 2011

Light and Shadow on the Beach
In the fall snow fences are installed to keep the sand from blowing across the road. In the late afternoon sunlight the fence casts shadows and the blown sand casts a shadow. In the distance is the pier with its fog house and light house. That’s how it is on the beach in Grand Haven, Michigan. There is a tang in the air and the fallen leaves crunch underfoot.

updated fourth edition

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To learn about the Great Lakes and their interesting features, The Dynamic Great Lakes is for you.

Now updated in a fourth edition, Amazon has made the book available on the Kindle e reader as well as in paperback. The book is concise and suitable for all readers.

The Singing Sands

August 3, 2011

The sand on Lake Michigan has a high content of quartz that causes a high pitched sound when a toe is dragged across the wet sand. The little sprite pictured above is enjoying the beach immensely. Keep an eye on little ones at the beach. Keep a watch for rip current warnings. If a red flag is flying, no one should go in the water.

Before the Storm

June 15, 2011

Before the Storm
Seagulls slide sideways on airstreams,
whitecaps boil on deep marine blue.
Curdled clouds crown the horizon.
The house creaks.

Light shifts as ultramarine turns
gunmetal gray.
The air feels heavy, tense
then large drops spatter
stream down window panes.

Beach grasses grip the sodden sands.
The lake receives its prodigal freshwater
never asking where it has been.

After the storm, cold waves roll in slowly.
High above, a skull white moon:
below silent sturgeon move to
ancient rhythms.

Excerpted from Sophia’s Lost and Found: Poems of Above and Below

Great Lakes Influences

June 7, 2011

I live on Lake Michigan and I have lived on Lake Huron. I have traveled to Lake Superior, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario where I watched a meteor shower while camping. All this freshwater has led me to write. I wrote a non fiction book, The Dynamic Great Lakes that is critically acclaimed. It shows how each lake has changed and changes. It is especially about what lies under water. These lakes are magnificent.

I have included many Great Lakes inspired poems in my books, The Wilderness Within and Sophia’s Lost and Found: Poems of Above and Below

water color by Barbara Spring

The House Built on Sand

I have lived in this house built on sand
for quite a few years.
I begin to understand
why sand sings underfoot.

Once part of the main
each grain knows
Earth’s epochs of fire and ice
floods and dawns filled with birdsong
salt seas then sweet water seas.

Our house on the dunes
receives news whispered
through clear quartz sand.
Heartbeats, drumbeats, shaman flight.

Buoyed on night winds
that twist around my house
I wander colorful countries
wearing Joseph’s many colored coat.
I float.

In a tumult of stars
Venus blazes a path across the sky
shines in each quartz granule
passes over distant lands
I see in dreams.

Awake or asleep in my house built on sand
I go everywhere.