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?????????watercolor painting by Barbara Spring


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Below my painting of a tern and a map of the Great Lakes system.

White tail fawn

June 1, 2016

white tail fawn


The days are long and the sunsets beautiful here on Lake Michigan.  Sailboats, fishing boats, boogie boards, paddle boards, kite boards, seagulls, terns, peregrine falcons, and great blue herons enjoy the day.  Deer peer from behind the trees in the wooded dunes and then browse our gardens after dark.  Coyotes, and foxes grab whatever rodents or house pets they can. Foxes scent the air with their musk.

I painted the red fox in a wetland where it found good hunting. I think so.

I wanted to see peregrine falcons. I heard they were nesting on top of  the Pictured Rocks. So I took the tourist  boat that cruises by the Pictured Rocks and was rewarded with the rare sight of a falcon.  This is a good spot for this swift bird because they like to dive on their prey.  The disadvantage is that preditors can raid their nests at this location.

Peregrines do well on tall buildings and the stacks of  municipal power plants where they can’t be reached by wolves, foxes, bobcats and other  predators.

Years ago, before DDT was banned, these beautiful falcons were nearly wiped out.  They were sensitive and the poison.  The banning of DDT was an environmental victory.

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The Pictured Rocks: Lake Superior

Surfing Lake Michigan

November 16, 2011

Two Surfers About to Enter the Washing Machine

My watercolor of surfers about to jump in the heavy waves. Steve Damstra took a photo of this scene and I liked it so much that I made a watercolor based on it.
This is a dangerous spot to surf. Lives have been lost here.

A Tern in Flight

October 1, 2011

Pictured is my watercolor of a tern flying over the whitecaps of the Great Lakes. It’s windy today and it seems the terns and seagulls love to ride the wind.

Cougars in Michigan

September 28, 2011

It’s official. I heard on the news today the DNR admitted there is a cougar in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It was captured on a video camera. Yet for years people have been seeing cougars in the lower peninsula. And why not? These cats could have strolled into Michigan from the West because of the over population of deer.

In my imagination I captured the cougar in the painting hiding behind a beech tree. So I painted it.

Our Inland Seas

August 9, 2011

watercolor by Barbara Spring

My watercolor of a tern flying over a turbulent lake. These birds seem to love the air streams that flow over the lakes. Lake Michigan can be wild, but so can the other lakes. The shallowest, Lake Erie can become violent and boaters should know this before heading out.

Lake Superior is known for its storms and there are many ship wrecks lying on the bottoms of all the lakes. The waters surrounding Door Peninsula in Lake Michigan, once called Death’s Door in Wisconsin was fatal for many ships. The Bruce Peninsula in Canada is the place where many ships went down. I have taken glass bottom boats in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to view sunken ships. These lakes behave more like oceans. They are called inland seas for good reasons.

I love taking kids to the beach. Here is a watercolor of a very active child running on the wet sand as waves pound in.