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a critically acclaimed non-fiction book about changes in the Great Lakes The Dynamic Great Lakes The Wilderness Within Sophia’s Lost and Found

the five Great Lakes

Satellite View of the Great Lakes

Satellite pictures of the Great Lakes show their immense size.  Their waters flow from the highest, Lake Superior down into Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  These are called the upper Great Lakes.  From there to the shallowest Lake Erie and then over Niagara Falls into deep Lake Ontario.  The water then flows toward the Atlantic through the St. Lawrence River.

Read about these freshwater lakes in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes.

a critically acclaimed book

A Fresh Wind is Blowing

March 23, 2010

Michigan’s Governor Granholm wants green businesses for Michigan such as wind turbines to produce energy and solar panels.  These new industries could employ many people who have lost their jobs due to the faltering automotive industry. 

In West Michigan, Muskegon and Grand Haven would be good places to construct wind turbines off shore in Lake Michigan.  This would produce clean energy.  Coal burning power plants deposit mercury in the water and that is ingested by fish. Sport fishing is very popular, but no one wants to eat mercury laden fish.

And no one wants global warming caused by all the emissions in the air.