The Eagles Are Back

April 29, 2015


Please read about the comeback of the American Bald Eagle in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes by Barbara Spring available on, and many other bookstores. Bald eagles were nearly wiped out until we took action in Grand Haven MI to ban DDT. We went to the city council meetings three years in a row until they were convinced of stopping the spraying of DDT to stop Dutch elm disease.  The pesticide was running into Lake Michigan and building up in food pyramids and the eagles’ eggs became too thin and never hatched. 
After DDT was banned in Grand Haven, Holland Michigan people came and we formed the Michigan Pesticides Council and met at MSU along with ornithologists, Ted Black and George Wallace along with other people such as John Kitchel, Joan Wolfe, Norm Spring (Wolfe and Spring were just named to the West Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame for this work)and others. Through this DDT was banned in Michigan and then the U.S. and Canada.
I wrote the book without mentioning this story, but to show the public how this environmental victory came about through a grass roots process.  It is for the general public so it is easy to read. the Dynamic Great Lakes is widely available at the Bookman in Grand Haven, Barnes & Noble and
eagle photo used with permission of Steve Damstra

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