Maybe the Manitous

February 19, 2014

ice ridges

Maybe the Manitous

Eastward rolling water
pellucid dense and slow
Karo syrup gloss or
flowing molten glass.

One crystal grabs
one grain of sand and
the beach blooms
with frost flowers—
a stiff white collar grows
all along the sandy shore.

Icy winds blast.
Ice balls bob, wink, crash.
An eagle’s cry hangs
above a white horizon line—
when sweetwater seas

Late afternoon sun—
deep blue shadows on snow
manitous whisper to ice shelves
sibilant spirits speak —
murmur to structures below.

From Milwaukee to Muskegon
cold rollers flow, then splash through
ice volcanoes on the shore
troll caves and canon balls
shot from polar storms…
or maybe the manitous.

–Barbara Spring

Excerpted from The Wilderness Within

Link above to today’s news about the Manitous


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