Dangerous Ice on Lake Michigan

February 18, 2014

Today 2/18/2014 open water has opened up in front of the Grand Haven Pier.  The ice is costantly moving–the Great Lakes are Dynamic..below see the report from yesterday.



DATE: 17 February, 2014

TO: Media Representatives

FROM: Jeff Hawke, Director of Public Safety

RE: Incidents Related to Unsafe Ice Conditions

“Unsafe Ice Conditions Lead to Several Incidents”
Officers from the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety responded to several ice related incidents over the weekend.


Saturday, 2-15-2014, Early Morning

A man fell through the ice between the piers while setting up a camera tripod. He self-rescued and was assisted by others in
the area. (Reported to the department by a witness via e-mail)

Saturday, 2-15-2014, 2:47PM

Officers responded to the North Pier to assist a man who had fallen through the ice.

Saturday, 2-15-2014, 4:41PM

Officers were dispatched to a parking lot near the North Pier on the report of a wet, cold, disoriented man. Further
investigation revealed that the man had fallen through the ice while walking between the piers.

Sunday, 2-16-2014, 3:16PM

A 45 year old Rockford woman fell from the North Pier, breaking her ankle. She was transported to North Ottawa
Community Hospital by NOCH Paramedics.

Sunday, 2-16-2014, 3:29PM

A 15 year old Grand Rapids Teen fell off the North Pier on the channel side and became stuck in the snow. He was lifted
back onto the pier by Public Safety Officers. Officers were assisted by several citizens.

Sunday, 2-16-2014, 3:45PM

An 8 year old girl fell from the North Pier on the channel side. She was lifted back onto the pier by Public Safety Officers.

The ice is not safe. Those that walk on the ice are putting themselves and rescuers at risk.

Director Jeff Hawke


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