Let’s Make Every Week Great Lakes Week

September 9, 2013

Do what you can for the Great Lakes.  One thing you could do is learn about them by reading my blogs and reading my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes.  This easy to read book is avaiable at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble plus many other stores.



Also available on Amazon’s Kindle Reader for $9.95

Review: This is an impressive little book. Not quite 110 pages long,
it’s a read of about an hour or so. The author has, however,
managed to jam it full of facts and information about the
Great Lakes.

It’s the kind of book that you might keep on a desk, ready at
hand when you need to know something like the native fish
population of Lake Superior.

OK, so maybe not everyone has that need. The point is that
you’ll probably learn something about the lakes that you
didn’t know before.

I, for example, had never heard of the whiting effect whereby
the lakes regulate the balance between acid and alkaline and
also cleanse themselves of pollutants, including metals – and
that’s coming from someone who has lived along the shores of
Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior.

The author also sprinkles a strong environmental ethic
throughout the book, coupled with a belief that the democratic
process can make a difference.
The Oakland Press 2003



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