Map showing Great Lakes in Trouble

February 28, 2013

Map showing Great Lakes in Trouble click on this link.  It is a new study by GLEAM.

Lake Ontario is the most polluted of the five Great Lakes.  It receives the outfall from industries and large cities. But all of the Great Lakes are showing the hand of man:

Lake Ontario stressors

Stressors should not be looked at individually as harmful. But taken cumulatively, they cause stress to a lake.
Tributary dams
Decreased ice cover
Water temperature warming
Power plants
Charter fishing
Native stocking
Non-native stocking
Invasive species including round goby, sea lamprey and zebra and quagga mussels
Nonpoint nitrogen loading
Nonpoint sediment loading
Toxins including mercury, sediment copper and sediment PCBs.

Rank of lakes for stress:

From most to least stressed:
Lake Ontario
Lake Erie
Lake Michigan
Lake Huron
Lake Superior




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