Lake Superior

January 13, 2013


I explored the rugged coast, clear tributary trout streams, and brooding power of Lake Superior as a child and have returned to this greatest of the Great Lakes from time to time. I have picked up agates in Grand Marais and visited waterfalls on the Keweenaw Peninsula. Some of the oldest rock on this planet is on the Keweenaw Peninsula and on Isle Royale where we, my husband and I, hiked through thimbleberries higher than our heads and heard the bugling of moose, then saw one standing directly athwart the trail we followed. My husband smelled it before we saw it. And then there it was, a solid wall blocking our path. My husband has hunted since childhood and his sense of smell is acute. We thought we might see the elusive wolves, but people seldom do. On the map, Isle Royale looks like the eye in the wolf’s head shape of Lake Superior with Duluth its snout and the Keweenaw Peninsula its mouth.


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