Steelhead Run

November 12, 2012


From space, the Great Lakes show their size.  Although these freshwater lakes are large, they are fragile.  Global warming has made water levels lower this year. This trend may continue if we do not use every means we can to produce energy in a more sensible way. Wind and solar energy could lessen global warming so that our children and future generations will know and appreciate their majesty.

The steelhead are running up rivers just now from the lakes and lucky fishermen have been catching a few.  Steelheads are lake run rainbow trout and they got that name because of the steely sheen they take on after being in the big water.  Their flesh is deep red and a gourmet’s delight. Read more about the fishes of the Great Lakes in The Dynamic Great Lakes available on Amazon’s Kindle Reader as well as in paperback,  Barnes & Noble also carries the book


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