Sophia’s Lost and Found

May 27, 2012



As evening deepens

I hear the last sleepy chirpings

of a robin in the hedge.

All is steeped in the sun’s last

fiery rays: red, gold,

orange as robin’s breast

as she settles on her nest.

Over a still lake

brown bats catch

mosquitoes in flight

bats graceful as swirling leaves.

Nighthawks swoop

and buzz all edges off the light.

Soon Venus blazes in an indigo sky

and leaves her silver footsteps

in the still lake below.

I’m pierced

through with beauty.

–Barbara Spring

excerpted from Sophia’s Lost and Found: Poems of Above and Below

Photo from M Live.


One Response to “Sophia’s Lost and Found”

  1. Great ideas on making the law of attraction work, which is almost always the sticking point people get.

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