After the Storm

May 16, 2012

As my husband & I walked the beach this a.m. we saw an American bald eagle eating something.  We stopped at a distance and watched.  Seagulls and a crow attempted to get whatever it was eating away from the eagle.  Then they all flew away.  We were curious—what was the eagle eating?  It was a carp.  It’s large,  round silvery scales were scattered  and its eyeless head lay on the sand.  Its lips looked as if it were whistling. The carp must have washed up on the beach after the storm we had last night.

The electrical storm last night was a spectacular light and sound show.  We watched pink lightening crackle through the air over Lake Michigan and then a majestic red sun descended below dark clouds.  The sun appeared to have lightning all around it.

Read more about eagles, fish and weather in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes available on line and in many stores such as Schuler Books and Barnes & Noble.


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