Dioxin Meeting: Dow Chemical Co. Midland MI

March 5, 2012

WEYI-TV – Saginaw, MI (3/1)  By Dillon Collier

Dow Chemical Co. and MDEQ holding informational meeting Thursday night

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MIDLAND — John Haner is like hundreds of other Midland residents.

He’s worried that the place he calls home is contaminated with dioxin.

“The only reason that they’re doing it is because the state is making them do it, but the question to me is if the state is making you do it, isn’t there potential harm or a health risk or anything?” said John, when referring to a recent phone conversation he had with a Dow Chemical official.

But some homeowners are troubled by the possible financial impact of living on contaminated land.

“I didn’t know about this previously to purchasing the home, so that’s the only concern that I have,” says resident Josh Sesink.

Dow Chemical and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality are holding an informational meeting for residents Thursday at 6:30 p.m. inside Midland’s Central Middle School.

The meeting is intended to allow residents to ask questions about Dow Chemical’s plan to clean-up contaminated properties or to help families relocate to unpolluted areas.

Soil testing on more than 1,500 Midland homes is scheduled to begin this summer.


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