My Kites

February 26, 2012

My Kites

Calligraphy by Margarete Dahlin

The poem is from my book, The Wilderness Within.  I often see kites flying on the beach since the wind is right for them.  The colors of the kites reminded me of Joseph and his coat of many colors.  My father told me that story when I was quite young.  I was surprised when Margarete Dahlin, a woman I had never met and who lives in Sweden purchased The Wilderness Within and made the wonderful calligraphy.  So with books being available all over the planet via the internet and friends just a few keystrokes away, we do live in a wonderful time.  Here is a print version of the poem shaped like a kite:



for my father

All my tethered kites tremble

cleave the wind with singing

looping, spiraling, weaving

gifts from my father:

heart red, ocean blue

goldfinch yellow

crocus purple

green of











2 Responses to “My Kites”

  1. Lovely use of colour. And nice form too, works really well.

    Nice work here. A most enjoyable write. And picture.

  2. Margareta said

    (^.^) Thank you! I’m honoured. I often try to combine picture and calligraphy, and just now I’m trying to do something with TEA, for the next exhibition in my hometown. Open house at the artist’s on 21-22 of April. My website is and is available in English if you want to see more.
    Welcome if you happen to pass by 😉

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