Look Up: The American Bald Eagles Courtship

February 13, 2012

The Dynamic Great Lakes

Look up.  This is the time of year when eagles begin their spectacular courtship.

“Return of the Eagles

High above the sand dunes in West Michigan, a pair of American

bald eagles cavort; they dart, dive and swirl through the air at

dizzying heights. Suddenly one of them turns on its back and they

grasp talons spinning into a daring, cart wheeling free fall toward

earth. They unlock talons and flap their powerful wings, flying

upward at the last instant before hitting the ground. This, their

courtship ritual, will bond the two eagles together for life.

Today, bald eagles are seen around the Great Lakes more and more often since DDT and like pesticides were banned.” 

As quoted from The Dynamic Great Lakes

Read about this environmental victory in The Dynamic Great Lakes.


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