The Dog Beach

August 7, 2011

Some places around the Great Lakes have places where dogs are allowed. What a joy for dogs to fetch sticks for their owners. I thought all dogs could swim until I saw my neighbors’ pup, an English bulldog go after a stick someone else had thrown for their dog. The bulldog was so dense and heavy that he sank. It had to be rescued.
We used to have a pudelpointer and she was quite muscular, but she loved to go in the water. Her hind quarters would sink but she could swim. She chased sea gulls and they seemed to like teasing her by being just out of reach.

The dog pictured is one I painted of a husky. I enjoyed meeting a dog like this on the beach. It was having a joyous time with its owners early one morning.

I painted the watercolor of a dog like that.


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