An Up To Date Story: King Midas

June 19, 2011

King Midas Then and Now

Many people in the past and to this day have come to the Great Lakes to exploit their resources and poison their freshwater. Some had dollar signs in their eyes and wished to turn these waters into gold but as the fabled King Midas of old quickly found, water is more precious. The story is that he said “I wish everything I touch would turn to gold.” His wish came true. He picked up a glass of water and found he could not drink it because it had turned to gold. Even his beloved daughter turned to gold. He quickly changed his mind. The simple truth is nothing can live without water. We should never steal life sustaining water from our children and future generations for the sake of gold. They will never forgive us.

Sending water outside of the Great Lakes basin is stealing water from the place where it belongs. Water bottling companies are doing just this. When we use water inside of the Great Lakes basin it returns to the lakes and is re used over and over again. When it is shipped outside of the basin it is lost to the Great Lakes.


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