The House Built on Sand

June 5, 2011

water color by Barbara Spring

The House Built on Sand

I have lived in this house built on sand
for quite a few years.
I begin to understand
why sand sings underfoot.

Once part of the main
each grain knows
Earth’s epochs of fire and ice
floods and dawns filled with birdsong
salt seas then sweet water seas.

Our house on the dunes
receives news whispered
through clear quartz sand.
Heartbeats, drumbeats, shaman flight.

Buoyed on night winds
that twist around my house
I wander colorful countries
wearing Joseph’s many colored coat.
I float.

In a tumult of stars
Venus blazes a path across the sky
shines in each quartz granule
passes over distant lands
I see in dreams.

Awake or asleep in my house built on sand
I go everywhere.


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