Think Globally; Act Locally

April 28, 2011

“Think globally, act locally.” This is how we can improve our environment.

The Dynamic Great Lakes is a good book to read for Earth Day, or any day of the year. One reviewer called it “empowering” since it showed how people have been successful in bringing needed changes to improve our environment.

I wrote the book after working on grassroots committees for the improvement of th place where I live. Through the democratic process, our groups brought about needed changes. Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring was a wake up call. When I taught classes at Grand Valley State University, I developed a writing class around environmental issues. These classes read the books, A Sand County Alamanac, Blue Highways, essays by Barry Lopez, Al Gore and others.

We still have a long way to go to improve the places where we live and the first step is education. In order to make good changes, we need to understand the ecology of the place where we live and how it fits into the global ecosystems. This is why I wrote The Dynamic Great Lakes.</em


One Response to “Think Globally; Act Locally”

  1. Jose Waller said

    I congratulate, it seems brilliant idea to me is 🙂

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