Satellite Relief Map of the Great Lakes

June 11, 2010

Here is a NOAA satellite map that shows the Great Lakes system.  What is missing is the St. Lawrence River that drains the Great Lakes waters into the Atlantic

 To the north is Lake Nipigon, not considered a Great Lake although it is large.  The largest Great Lake is Lake Superior so named by French voyageurs since it is the highest lake.  Lake Michigan and Lake Huron on either side of mitten shaped Michigan are considered one lake geologically since they stand at the same sea level.  Heart shaped Lake St. Clair is not considered one of the Great Lakes although it is part of the Great Lakes system.  Lake Erie is the furthest south and the shallowest Great Lake.  The waters of the freshwater lakes then flow through the Niagara River and over Niagara Falls into Lake Ontario.  From Lake Ontario these waters flow out to sea through the St. Lawrence River.

The lakes are all connected through a system of rivers and canals.

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