Outdoor Education More Important Than Ever

May 29, 2010



I’m lucky.  I had a father who taught me about nature.  By spending time outdoors, he provided me with a sense of wonder for a life time.

     We took walks and I learned about the wonders scattered all around.  We came to a place imbedded with fossils.   He taught me that these were once sea creatures in an ocean long ago.  He brought home some bull frog tadpoles.  I fed them bits of scrambled egg and watched them grow legs as their tails shrank and their mouths grew wide.  And then one day, they were frogs.  Amazing. 

      I believe teaching about nature is more important than ever since our natural world and its resources are shrinking.  Malls pop up on prime farm land.  Where will we grow food in the future?  Wetlands and their importance to the well being of our ecosystems are not always appreciated.  Sand dunes, lakes and streams with their unique ecosystems are there to be studied and explored.  Children who have learned to value and understand nature will find ways to care for the earth as they mature.  Attitude is everything. As we seek solutions for our planet and its diminishing resources, global warming and loss of species we will need  knowledgeable citizens.   I am counting on the next generations to come up with good solutions and to do the right things.


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