Lake Effect Snow

December 3, 2009

No, I did not see this sunset today–just clouds and now a lake effect snow storm is blowing in.  The Great Lakes water levels are up due to precipitation.  A couple of years ago the water was very low and people wondered if the Great Lakes waters would rise again.  I believed they would since it is normal for the water levels to rise and fall.  This has been happening for thousands of years.

Now people are concerned that the Asian carp might invade the Great Lakes.  There is an electric carp barrier in Chicago and while it is being maintained, the connecting channel has been treated with roetenone.  This is a poison that will kill the carp so they do not sneak through the barrier.  I have seen roetenone used before and the biota in waters recover very quickly.

I did not talk about Asian carp in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes, because the problem carp had not reached the Great Lakes yet and I hoped they would not.  I will need to write a fourth edition of The Dynamic Great Lakes if they become the huge problem that some people think they might.


One Response to “Lake Effect Snow”

  1. On my other blog I have a video about the threat of an Asian carp invasion of the Great Lakes.

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