The Great Lakes are Gifts from the Glaciers

November 28, 2009

The Great Lakes freshwater system is a treasure more valuable than gold.  After all, gold does not sustain life but water does.

In the story of King Midas, he wished everything he touched would turn to gold.  He lifted his glass to drink and found he could not drink gold.  Water sustains life.  Read more about the Great Lakes marvelous water system in my book, The Dynamic Greaat Lakes.  These waters are a gift from glaciers that melted thousands of years ago.

Since we don’t expect glaciers again any time soon, we need to care for these waters.


4 Responses to “The Great Lakes are Gifts from the Glaciers”

  1. I agree. We also need to realize that the turn over time for Lake Michigan is 99 years. That’s the time it takes to completely change over the water in the lake.

    Let’s care for our lakes. They are, indeed, gifts.

  2. Ginny Johnson said

    Have you read “The Living Great Lakes” by Jerry Dennis?

    • Barbara Spring said

      Yes I have read it and attended a talk by Jerry Dennis. His book does not cover Lake Ontario since he was not able to hitch a boat ride on that lake.

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