Longing for Edenic Times in the Great Lakes

November 13, 2009

View of Great Lakes from Outer Space

Ever since I was a child I have tried to imagine what the world would be like with no roads, no cars, no factories to poison the air, water earth. I have thought of the way things used to be near the Great Lakes when 500 year old pines scented the air and wildflowers grew in profusion. I thought of the native species of fish in the clear freshwaters of the Great Lakes: huge sturgeon, whitefish, blue pike, and lake trout. 

So going green is nothing new to me. I wrote The Dynamic Great Lakes from a deep conviction that we must do all we can to preserve what is left of the wonderful Great Lakes ecosystems. I know we can’t go back 200 years, but we can think of ways to think globally and act locally.


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