Canada’s Bruce Peninsula

November 6, 2009

Here’s another wonderful park. Canada’s Bruce Peninsula is a great place to hike, take a glass bottom boat to look at shipwrecks underwater, and admire the weathered rock formations that jut out of the water like sentinals.

Hiking the Bruce Trail through the woods is beautiful and memorable. Botanists go there to study unique plants found only there. The clear water off of the Bruce Peninsula makes many shipwrecks clearly visible from a glass bottom boat. Take your camera because the rock formations, part of the Niagara Escarpment, are very photogenic. I took the picture alvar on the Bruce Peninsuls, Canadaon the Bruce Peninsula. It is an alvar with its unique plant ecology.

I used this photo I took for the cover of my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes.


2 Responses to “Canada’s Bruce Peninsula”

  1. Rami El Ojaimi said

    already interested in shipwrecks, this articles blew my mind!!!! i’m amazed at the way fish and algae inhabit shipwrecks, giving them reef like appearences!!!! marine life is most fascinating!!!!!!!!!!! sharam el sheikh in egypt is also a special dive site, although i’ve never been there but my friends who did dive there describe the experience as one of the best dive experiences in a lifetime…

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