Lake Superior’s Witch Tree

October 6, 2009

Lake Superior was named by French voyageurs. They gave it the name superior since it is the farthest north of the Great Lakes. A French explorer noted this gnarled tree making it at least 300 years old. The Ojibwa indians call the tree Manido Gizhigance or little cedar spirit tree.

source: Wikipedia

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The Dynamic Great Lakes, a book about changes in the Great Lakes ecosystems.witch tree


5 Responses to “Lake Superior’s Witch Tree”

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  2. Alice said


  3. dkraymer said

    My family, I am told, is from Michigan and of Ojibwa descent. Thank for you this wonderful post and for all the fascinating work you do to call attention to the Great Lakes. Love reading your blog!

  4. farlane said

    Very cool. Where is this tree located?

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